Thursday, July 09, 2009

We're not just anti-abortion: we're fetal rights activists

From the Reuters Handbook of Journalism:

Unless quoting someone, refer to aborted foetuses rather than unborn babies. Describe those campaigning for a woman’s right to have an abortion as abortion rights campaigners and those campaigning against abortion rights as anti-abortion campaigners. Terms such as pro-choice, pro-life and pro-abortion are open to dispute and should be avoided.

I think pro-lifers should be termed "fetal rights activists".

Pro-lifers are more than just "anti-abortion". People can be against abortion for reasons other than fetal rights.

And "fetal rights" is the core of our philosophy. It cannot be disputed that those who support legal abortion oppose fetal rights.

I think that would be the most descriptive, respectful and indisputable label for pro-lifers.

We're not against the act of abortion, or for a thing called "life". We fight for the rights of people.