Sunday, August 09, 2009

The feminists criticize our description of abortion, but never set us straight

I'm reading this feminist critique of Crisis Pregnancy Centres, and the information they transmit about abortion.

Meet the Abortionists is a video of former doctors, nurses, and clerical staff from U.S. clinics who say they have found God and now must reveal the "truth." This is the one you hear about. Horror stories, truly unbelievable, complete with visuals of buckets of dead babies. How do you fight such horrific emotional manipulation? Can the truth wipe away these images? This kind of manipulation is a very powerful recruiting tactic—the shock of what you’re seeing stops the mind from thinking clearly.

Manipulation, or truth telling?

How come people who support legal abortion, the feminists, never want to reveal the truth about the operation?

If the ex-abortionists are lying, then prove it.

They never do. You are always expected to believe a feminist based on her word.

Second and third-trimester abortions are described in horrific detail, inferring that the doctors who perform these procedures must be heartless monsters. The CPC manual displays extreme prejudice and deception in their descriptions.

Okay, then. Describe second- and third-trimester procedures. Show the photos. Give the details.

They never give the details, do they? They won't talk about what happens to the fetus, or show what happens.