Saturday, August 08, 2009

Why Some Women Don't Talk About Their Abortions

Continuing a recent theme on this blog. From David MacDonald:

She decribed the excruciating pain of having her feet put in stirrups and seeing the 10 inch instrument forced up into her uterus, and being in such searing agony that they strapped down her wrists and had two nurses hold down her torso as the doctor ripped her baby from her womb.

Afterwards she wanted to die. She cut herself with razor blades all over her body and ended up in a psych ward. The walls were blank but she saw children running all around on the walls and she was in incredible turmoil. When she was released she had tattoos engraved all over her body, some she did herself. She lifted up the front of her shirt and showed us a tattoo over her uterus of a thorn thicket. She said it represented her now inhospitable uterus. She said “It’s a big lie what this world says, it’s a real baby, and I will never be able to replace my lost baby, and I may not be able to have kids anymore because of complications.” She continued “I don’t know how to get over it.”

Besides the fact that abortion kills an unborn child, abortion is often a crappy operation. Sure, lots of abortions go off without a hitch (as far as the woman is concerned). But if any other surgical operation did as much damage to the body and mind as abortion, there would be an outcry and demands of government investigations and regulations into these procedures.

But, because it's abortion, no one says anything. Don't want to tell women "what to do." Although the State tells women what to do on any number of subjects. Selective government intervention, as it were.