Friday, August 07, 2009

Good News! Montreal Clinic to Stop Doing Abortions

Forty Days for Life does its work.

Quebec's new Law 34 requires clinics to have an operating room to do abortions. The Clinique l'Alternative considers this change too onerous and will not renew its contract with the government to do abortions.

The abortion clinics are negotiating with the government to make modifications favorable to their trade. But even if these negotiations are successful, the clinic will not come back on its decision.

The clinic does about 1000 abortions a year. Three doctors and four nurses were fired.

While many of these abortions will probably be done in other clinics in the city, no doubt that some will be saved because of the delay.

Quebec barely has a pro-life movement. It shows the power of prayer, that even if things look desperate, God can perform miracles.

Let's pray that God does the same for the rest of Canada!