Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dear Baby Boomers...

Twenty-year-old Rebekah Hebbert writes:

Dear Baby Boomers:


Thanks for giving us a world where morality is relative, murder is okay, marriage is a joke, divorce is expected, self-control is replaced with force, love is everything but it doesn’t exist; where self-fulfilment is the greatest good but we don’t know what fulfilment means; where politics is dirty, taxes are sky-high, the economy is crashing and gangs are roaming further.

I know I’m only twenty, but I think I am old enough to see that something has to change and we don’t have very much time. I know the experts told you that the youth wanted all this, but did we really? Or did we just trust that you had all the answers? Now you’ve made hell while trying to create utopia. You wanted free love and free money but we pay the price. You said you were doing it for us, but you did it for yourselves.

This is should be viral, really.

Rebekkah Hebbert blogs here.