Thursday, August 06, 2009

More of that Abortion PR Make-Over

Antonia Zerbisias
linked to the anonymous abortionist's account of why he practices his gruesome trade.

All in an attempt to denounce the stigma surrounding it.

In an update, she posted a musical video by Bif Naked called "Chotee", which is about Bif's own abortion. Antonia's point is to get women to talk about their abortions and end the stigma.

And what does Bif Naked repeat throughout the song?

I hope you can forgive me
my baby chotee, forgive me

What a ringing endorsement of abortion. A song re-living the pain and regret of having to terminate one's unborn child.

It does not matter how feminists try to spin it, abortion kills.

The fact that it kills a human being will always bring with it stigma, pain and regret. There's no PR in the world that will ever erase these images from people's minds. There is no spin that will ever cover up the blood and the destruction.

I don't think people who support legal abortion will ever end the stigma. To end the sitgma, they would have to get to the root of the stigma. To do that, they would have to confront some fairly gruesome notions (i.e. abortion kills a human being), that, if they admit, puts a chink in the abortion ideology.

But the more they gloss over the facts, the more they appear to be in denial, and the less successful they will be in giving abortion an image makeover.

Unless they can convince people that killing the unborn is a good thing and that the unborn have no value, they will have no success. They won the battle for legal abortion by remaining mum on the moral status of the fetus, by uniting with people who were less than perfectly pro-choice. But it's this silence over the fetus that's weakening their attempts to re-cast abortion. If they want to remove the stigma, they would have to tell the world that the fetus does not have moral value. They would have to reject their "neutral" position. The message would have to be: the fetus has no value, and it's not so bad to kill him.

But they're not going to go there. It would offend too many, even women who've had abortions.

No matter how many women talk about their abortions, the stigma will still remain. Even women who've had abortions think abortion is bad.