Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here's a thing that bothers me

I came upon this account of a woman's abortion from, which features accounts of women who say they are not sorry about their abortions. She recounts how the doctor who announced that she was pregnant tried to convince her to have the child:

He did realize that it may interfere with my career but he didn't see how having a child at my age would destroy my chances of having a career, unable me from living on my own and being independent, lock me into a relationship I was still unsure about and ruin a life: a child being raised by an unwilling, angry mother.

Why do women who have abortions give themselves the right to envision themselves angry mothers at their children.

What if abortion were impossible? Would they really be as angry as they say, towards that unwanted child? By what right? And if not by right, then why would they say that that was a reason for an abortion?

Children should be embraced. Period. If you want every child to be a wanted child, then just want them. Embrace them. Love them.