Friday, August 28, 2009

Senator Jacques Demers??? What the hell is Stephen Harper THINKING???

I just can't get over the news of Jacques Demers' appointment to the Senate.

I know he's a nice man and he looks like he has a good heart.

But he's barely literate. One Quebec columnist said that Demers revealed in his biography that he needs to focus to read the paper, and he can hardly write a sentence.

He admitted in an interview on LCN that he has never followed politics and that he had to be told he would get paid for this job.

Is this who we want as a Senator?

Demers acknowledged that Harper was only using his name.

It's a ridiculous, cynical political ploy, and I'm disgusted.

Demers also said that he wanted to use his position to fight poverty. That sounds like he wants to implement a left-wing agenda in the Senate.

If he's going to make this crazy appointment, could he AT LEAST appoint someone who votes the right way?


I'm sure this might please the beer and hockey crowd in Quebec, but I think we should have higher standards. You know-- people who can read and have followed politics.