Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Abortion Stigma Discourages New Abortionist Recruits

Why do younger doctors refuse to do abortions?

I don't think it's just about the fact that older doctors remember the "bad old days" of abortion.

I think it's because we live in a totally different era.

Old doctors started out their profession in an age where ultrasound was not commonplace. The picture of a fetus was still a novelty.

In this day and age, EVERYONE with medical training knows that a fetus is a distinct human being.

This is not news.

I also think that pro-lifers have succeeded in influencing the culture in regards to the humanity of the unborn child.

The pro-aborts will say it has to do with anti-abortion harrassment.

But the lack of abortion access is decried in many places around the world that do not have a pro-life movement like the US does.

It's simple: people do not want to kill human beings. They see the pictures. It's disgusting.

People who support legal abortion like to dance around the issue. They try to compare it to heart surgery. But unconsciously people know the difference.

Heart surgery can save a life.

Abortion takes a life.

They will never understand the opposition to abortion until they internalize that piece of information. But they can't. Because it's an ugly truth. They operate like it's not true, or as if it were some banal event.

I also think that people emphasize personal responsibility a lot more than they did once upon a time.

Abortion is completely preventable. Just don't get pregnant. More and more people are getting that.

Abortion will always have a stigma. Even in countries like Japan and Russia where it's easily available and there's practically no opposition to it, there's a stigma. They understand what happens during an abortion. It's disgusting. You can't hide it.