Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yet again, another leftist shows a lack of understanding of the concept of free speech

Shocker, I know.

It seems that poor fern hill's widdle feelings were hurt 'cuz I didn't publish her nasty comment that twisted the words of another commenter.

Leftists are just outraged, OUTRAGED I tell you.

The nerve of me!

Running my blog the way I want.

They think I have some kind of moral obligation to be publish their comment.

Here's a clue: I don't have to.

I can publish whatever the heck I like.

If you post on my blog, you post at my pleasure.

Don't like the moderating policy? You can leave.

Really, it's that simple. Just stick to the topic, don't attack other posters, don't be a jerk and you'll be just fine.

But she has to pick fights with posters. She can't stand someone else having an opinion different than hers.

I've published hundreds of comments that I disagree with.

But they come here to pick a fight with other posters, and they whine because they can't have their say.

Waah. Cry me a river.

Well, fern is really big on mocking people whom she thinks says dumb things.

Let's give a taste of her own medicine.

In her overweaning sense of entitlement, she thinks that "free speech" means that I have to publish her comment.

NOT that I have the right to publish it-- or not.

Can you really be that ignorant?

Oh wait. This is a leftist. When they make Babble, En Masse, Bread n Roses members' leftist-only well that's okay. They don't have to publish my comments.

Free speech for me and not for thee is okay with them. But I never read fern protest that policy.

Why would she? Her definition of free speech is entirely self-serving.

In her world, if you believe in free speech YOU ARE OBLIGATED to post her comments on your blog.

But I find it most interesting that fern moderates her blog's comments. I guess she doesn't feel obligated to post other people's comments. You know, free speech for me and not for thee, and all that.

And isn't it also that fern feels so big and tough to mock people under the guise of anonymity. Interesting how she takes their words and puts the worst possible interpretation on them, and attributes them the worst motives, and then makes baseles conclusions about them. Without her real identity. Pretty darn brave of her.

I guess if I had a blog as adolescent as hers, I'd be pretty embarrassed,too. A fifty-year-old woman writing and acting like she's a mouthy little teeny-bopper. "Pro-lie liars lying their lies." The devastating wit. My God, did she think that up all by herself? If fern hill says it, well, it must be true. Anything fern hill disagrees with is a LIE! A LIE! I tell you. Not an opinion. Not a point of view. A LIE. But she just gets a big kick of that junior high logic. Makes her feel like it's the seventies, again. Seventies? Who am I kidding? The sixties! You know, the era of peace and love, authoritarian socialism. I mean, it all explains the reaction to my moderation, right? I guess she hasn't reached a level of civic maturity to understand things like my blog, my choice. Funny that works, eh? I predict she'll say I'm a hypocrite for saying that. Feminists are so predictable.