Friday, October 23, 2009

Bishops propose "dialogue" with pro-lifers

I always bristle when Quebec clergy propose "dialogue".

It has to do with the nature of Quebec Catholicism.

When I was living in Quebec, the only kind of Catholicism I saw from the Church was the watered-down, touchy-feely, liberal, modernist-by-omission kind of Catholicism, especially in the Prions en Église (the weekly missal in Quebec).

I don't want no lousy "dialogue".

I want a conversation. A conversation where each party says exactly what they're thinking. None of this hide-behind-nicey-nicey-ness garbage.

Which is what "dialogue" has become. It has become a way of shielding differences and never resolving issues.

As far as I'm concerned, Fr. Rosica was wrong in stating that Ted Kennedy had a right to a public funeral.

Development and Peace is WRONG to fund pro-abortion groups in the Third World.

We have a system where such questions can be determined: Is Fr. Rosica right or wrong? Is D & P right or wrong?

We can submit these questions to competent authorities.

But I'm not sure that the Catholic elite is all that interested in the answers.

I suspect this is more about co-opting the pro-lifers and trying to brainwash them into thinking that modernism and proportionalism are acceptable in the Catholic Church.

If that's not the case, then all they have to do is reject modernism and proportionalism.

Somehow I doubt it.