Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Burn In Hell Contest? WTH?

WASHINGTON – Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is calling on people to burn effigies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this Halloween, as part of a "Burn in Hell" video contest to protest the health care legislation in Congress.

Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, said Tuesday that the contest serves as a political and spiritual statement that "gives people a chance to peacefully vent their rage."

"If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid force us to pay for child killing and they die unrepentant, they will burn in hell for this," Terry said in a telephone interview.

No thanks!

The whole purpose to my being Catholic is to get people NOT to burn in hell.

I just don't like the whole symbolism of the thing. I have ideological disagreements with these people-- I don't want to symbolically disfigure or destroy them.

It's just tacky. The kind of thing the left would do.

Terry insisted the contest was not a threat to Reid or Pelosi.

Wait a minute. Bush and other Republican figures get burned in effigy all the time. Are people going to suggest this is some form of proto-terrorism now?