Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VIDEO: Pro-abort coverage of 40 Days for Life Ottawa

I normally wouldn't give pro-aborts the time of day. I just found this video interesting, in that, unlike typical pro-abort coverage, they gave a lot of airtime to the pro-life view.

I had to laugh when they referred to the "Rosary Group". They have been going up and down Bank street for years. You can see it in their beat-up signs. It's like the pro-aborts only suddenly discovered them. Gee, where ya been?

If the Rosary Group was such a threat to the well-being to the clinic's staff and clients, how come they didn't do anything about it before?

And I like how they focused on the rally on Parliament Hill. There are three events, out a total of forty days. Where is the "threat" against "choice"? What exactly are the escorts protecting against, really? From the women seeing "upsetting" signs like "I regret my abortion? From being handed a pamphlet?

How paternalistic of them.

Another paternalistic thing that they do is that they always hide the truth about what abortion does-- to both the woman and the unborn child.

In the video, a pro-abort protester rolled her eyes when there was mention of defending the unborn child. It seems that she does not know or does not care that this is what she is defending: