Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jojo Ruba: On Pro-Abort Reaction to His Lecture

In reaction to the McGill students' attempt to shut down his talk, Jojo Ruba wrote:

What they don't understand is what they're expecting pro-lifers to do: They acknowledge that we believe abortion takes a human life but argue that we should do nothing to try and prevent these deaths.

Think about that for a minute: If you believe that a group of Canadians were being legally killed at a rate of 300 every day and taxpayers fund their executions, would you be satisfied if you were told that you can believe what you think but shouldn't force your views on others? Wouldn't decent, tolerant Canadians do everything in their power to help create laws to ensure all of us are treated with the same dignity and respect? And wouldn't you share that message regardless of how many people are offended?