Thursday, October 15, 2009

Montreal Woman Almost Dies of Botched Abortion

Thursday, October 8th, 2009, will be a date seared in the mind of Christine Dupuis-Labelle of Laval, Quebec. That is the date she underwent a second trimester abortion and almost died. Source

She was already the mother of an 8-month old baby when she decided to get an abortion at 3 months into her pregnancy. Since she was past 12 weeks gestation (14 weeks LMP) she was referred to the CLSC des Faubourgs in Montreal. In Quebec-speak, a 14- week abortion is referred to as a "late-term abortion" and only a few centres do them. The CLSC des Faubourgs is also notorious because its abortion unit is headed by Jean Guimond, who will defend abortion on any grounds for all nine months.

She went in for the abortion at 9 am. After two hours in the recovery room, she went to the bathroom, and noticed that she was bleeding quite heavily. She told the nurse, but the nurse sent her home anyway.

Worried, Christine did not want to be alone. So she accompanied her boyfriend, who went on an errand to St. Jerome. (See GoogleMap for more info). It's about a 45-minute drive.

On the way, the bleeding got worse. The pain became almost unbearable. They headed towards St. Jerome Hospital. She arrived at about 1 pm, and underwent an emergency operation in which she received a blood transfusion. She told le Journal de Montreal that the staff told her that had she arrived five minutes later, it could have been fatal. "They saved my life," she said.

She says that she is traumatized and wonders if she will ever be able to have more children. But she was even more traumatized by what happened AFTER the abortion, when she tried to reach the abortionist on several occasions, but to no avail. At this point, she doesn't want to talk to him, and intends to lay a complaint against him.

And here's the kicker in all this: THE ABORTIONIST IS NOT NAMED!

Isn't that a hoot? She almost dies of an abortion. Women may not want to deal with this guy, who's shown such incredible negligence. But the reporter doesn't name the person responsible.

It's just so pro-woman, isn't it? Protect the abortionist, leave women in the dark.


As an aside, I was so taken aback by the address of the CLSC des Faubourgs:

1705 Rue De la Visitation

For Catholics, the Visitation is one of the most pro-life events in the New Testament, where the unborn John the Baptist acknowledges the unborn Jesus as Lord.

The paper reported that there are about 800 abortions at des Faubourgs every year. It specializes in second-trimester abortions. It also organizes appointments for third trimester abortions in the US.