Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Feminist Supremacist Garbage


Now, we can go around endlessly, as we already have many times on this blog, as to whether an embryo=a child. But, if you are going to talk rights here, then a woman's right not to be an incubator trumps a zygote's right to exist.

A woman who does not love her unborn child is an incubator.

Got that?

She's not a woman who doesn't love her unborn child.

She attributes the motive of dehumanization to pro-lifers; thereby making herself into one (in her mind).

And that makes killing her unborn child okay.

And folks, let's get the biology straight: The zygote stage lasts about 24 hours. The blastocyst and morula stage about a week. By the time a woman has a surgical abortion, the unborn child is at an embryo or fetal stage. He looks more like this:

Or maybe this:

Women have responsibilities as well as rights. They have a responsibility towards an unborn child even if that unborn child does not have her consent to be there. A woman's right to control her body is not a license to kill an unborn human being.

There is no such thing as a moral choice to kill innocent human beings.

Feminists keep wanting to bring it back to "reproductive rights".

Well feminists: killing a prenatal human being is not a reproductive right.