Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anti-Catholic Hatred Unleashed in Bordeaux at Rosary for Life

Today is the 23rd anniversary of the French pro-life group SOS Tout-Petits. To mark the anniversary, the group held rosaries for life in over 28 cities across France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Phillippines. (Gee, maybe us Canadians and perhaps some Americans should get in on the act next year-- already 4 countries there, why not make it six?)

But I digress... reports that the group in Bordeaux met at the St. André Cathedral with police presence and numbered 150 people strong. They were met with strong anti-Catholic hatred from the pro-abort counter-demonstration. Although I would normally expect this sort of opposition if the event were held in front of a clinic, I was quite surprised that they bothered to show up at a church event.

As usual, tolerance and inclusivity radiated from the left-wing crowd. They pro-aborts vented their hatred in the form of chants such as Caca-catholic and Jesus, Mary, we sodomize you and If Mary had had an abortion we wouldn't have this sh**.

To the credit of the pro-lifers, none of them were perturbed by the leftist agitation.

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