Sunday, November 15, 2009

VIDEO: Rosary for Life in Toulouse: Pro-aborts vent their hatred

Yesterday I posted about the Rosary for Life held in Bordeaux. I just got wind that the viglers at Saint-√Čtienne Cathedral in Toulouse were also the object of the pro-aborts' contempt. You can watch in the video (it's about 2 minutes). There's no voiceover, but the images speak volumes.

Note how the pro-aborts were behind baracades and the police had to intervene to keep them back. One pro-abort commenter of the SOS Tout-Petits blog complained that a young counter-demonstrator ended up being "arbitrarily" arrested and getting seven stitches.

It doesn't look like there were too many arbitrary actions to me.

But remember, the pro-lifers are the violent ones!