Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stephen Harper's Religious Faith

The Fundamentals About Harper:

The church he currently attends is theologically conservative and is strongly oriented toward public service and social justice, but even that tells us little about Harper. Does he accept some of his church’s tenets of faith? All? None? Does he simply go for the music and coffee after the service? In short, to state that he holds a “fundamentalist” faith that “drives his domestic and foreign policy agendas” is sheer conjecture on the part of Behiels.

In fact, certain of Harper’s policy decisions suggest just the opposite. Despite heavy lobbying from social and religious conservatives, he has refused to re-open Canada’s abortion debate. Similarly, during the federal same-sex marriage debate, Harper angered hardliners from the Christian-right by proposing and supporting civil unions as a “middle way” to allow gays and lesbians to legally partner for life.