Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woman Heading for Abortion Faces Assault Charges, Pulled Knife on Pro-Lifer

Watch for the the abortion apologists to justify the woman's action in my comments section. "She had it coming."

Leah Winandy and other pro-life advocates were gathered outside the abortion business in Duluth when an unnamed 25-year-old woman from Superior approached the Building For Women abortion center on 1st Street at around 8:00 a.m. local time Tuesday morning.

Winandy told the woman she cared about her unborn child but the woman responded by reportedly brandishing a knife and held it to Winandy's throat.

"We asked the women 'please don't take the life of your unborn baby we care about what happens to them,'" Winandy told the Northland News Center.

"She said 'don't do this,don't talk to me, don't come near me' and I just said 'fear god,' and she had the knife to my throat and I was a little nervous," Winandy added. "She was probably trying to threaten me and intimidate me...but for what reason I don't know."

A generic "eff off" wasn't enough?

I always want to know what motivates people to do things like that. I know people are passionate about this issue, but most people don't resort to violence. What did she want to accomplish by pulling a knife? Discourage more abortion counselling? Silence the counsellor? Exact revenge?

I hope the media follows up on this story. I wish it was part of the judicial process to force people to explain their actions. There's something very unsatisfactory of convicting a criminal, but not getting an explanation from him for his actions.