Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Remember Abby Johnson, the PP Director turned Pro-Lifer?

She's been profiled:

Workers at all Planned Parenthood facilities are forbidden to use the word "baby," Johnson said. During her pregnancy Johnson began to see the disconnect between the philosophy of the ardent pro-choice movement and a woman's choice to carry a pregnancy to term. She quoted a liberal clergywoman as stating, "It's a baby when you decide you want to be a mother."

But there's no relativism whatsoever in the pro-choice movement.

"There is no spirituality in abortion. God is not present in the abortion facilities," Johnson said.

Nor is He welcome, she said.

"The people who work there don't have any kind of faith. You're kind of an outcast in the organization if you are a professing Christian."

Unless, of course, you think abortion is sacred. ;)

The rhetoric of Planned Parenthood plays upon that sense of compassion, leading its staff and volunteers to believe they are working in the best interest of women, Reynoso said. Johnson knew what abortion was on paper, he said, but had grown numb to its destructive nature until witnessing it on the ultrasound.

"It's the wolf in sheep's clothing," he said. "It sounds compassionate."

Women's health? Who would be against that?

It's a little different when you describe it as killing prenatal human beings for the sake of maintaining autonomy and (illusory) control over one's life.


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