Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abortion centres don't only close in the US-- Another one under threat in France

The Lord has been doing good things in France.

I feel I should tell you this because I read the French press on abortion in France, and I feel like the Lord is working there, in spite of the French pro-life movement being rather small.

But they are so determined. French pro-lifers rock. The average American pro-lifer doesn't face threats of violence and intimidation from the pro-aborts. In France, the anarchists come out after pro-lifers, throw stuff at them and do their goose steps (you should see it, it's something out of fascist Germany-- I kid you not!)

In recent months, several hospitals in France have decide their abortions because of budgetary considerations. The ironic thing about public health care in France is that overregulation and low scheduling fees (or whatever they call it over there) means that abortion doesn't pay. So one by one, hospitals are scaling back or closing them down. And the feminists are screaming.

The Mayor of Paris decided to get the city-owned family planning clinics (you read right, city-owned) to offer RU-486, because they're so much cheaper and nurses can offer them. RU-486 abortions are horrid. Women generally still prefer surgical abortions because it's over and done with in 15 minutes and they're under sedation. With RU-486, women are given a medication by tablet or injection and then they're sent home with more pills, and they miscarry-- sometimes by themselves. They're left alone to bleed like crazy and go into labour. Fabulous medical service, now, isn't it? And half of abortions in France are chemical abortions.

...But getting back to my original topic. The word is the hospital in Orleans is shutting down its abortion operation because the board that runs the hospital decided not to renew its agreement with the local "family planning" centre. According to French regulations, family planning counselling must be given in places where abortions are performed. No reason is mentioned, but you have to wonder why a hospital suddenly wants nothing to do with a family planning centre.

Management in the hospital is upset and is trying to save the abortion operation by trying to negotiate to have 1.5 "conjugal counsellors" (love those euphemisms) as part of the hospital. There's another family planning association interested in moving in.

When I look at France, I see hope. It's one step forward and two steps back for abortion in France, even without fetal rights being terribly mainstream. I'm just letting you know: the pro-life momentum is moving forward in France as well. I feel like things are starting to go the pro-life way.