Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tokin' in the boys' room

But around the country today, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of high schoolers are bringing pot to school, and they’re doing it legally. Not to get stoned, but as part of prescribed medical treatment. And they don’t have to tell school authorities about it.


“I’ve known about this for four years,” Ashland senior Wesley Davis, 17, told the newspaper. “Some of them have it for medical reasons, but others are just trying to get free weed and sell it, turn it around.”


At the same time, doctors have become more inclined to prescribe marijuana (as an alternative to Ritalin) for children diagnosed with ADHD.

Why I don't want pot to be legal

You're telling me they're ONLY using it for medical purposes and NEVER to get stoned?


Giving weed to kids, even those with medical problems, is stupid. You don't give a narcotic to a kid without supervision. You don't think they're not handing some off to their friends?

Not to mention the bad example it sets.