Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abortioneers...They Don't Get it at All

From The Abortioneers:

Equally, I am really getting annoyed with all the stereotypes people have about Abortioneers. We must be cold, heartless child/man/woman/baby hating *** to do this work.

I don't think abortioneers are neccessarily child/man/woman/baby haters.

I think they're fetus haters. I don't mean "haters" in the sense of having passionately negative feelings towards him.

What I mean is: they do not have enough respect for the unborn child to respect their lives as fellow members of the human race.

See, leftists often attribute ulterior motives to people's stated and sincere purposes.

For instance, many people on the pro-choice side truly and sincerely believe that if you support fetal rights, it's really because deep down you hate women and have some kind of anti-women agenda. It has nothing to do with fetal rights.

Because if it really did, then they might have to re-examine their beliefs and possibly re-configure them and they can't have that.

So they act and think like the fetus is not the issue.

Since the fetus isn't the issue to this woman, she just can't figure it out.

Just look at their phraseology:

I’ll never forget when our female Ob/Gyn was heavily pregnant, performing abortions. The patients were surprised and I feel her belly shouted something profound about who she was and what she believed about choices and all women. Oh, how I admired her for that. Her own wanted, loved pregnancy challenged women to understand that as Abortioneers, we respect all choices, for all women, in all stages of their lives:

That's one thing about the pro-abortion side, they conflate "pregnancy" with the fetus.

Who really wants to be pregnant? A pregnancy, that is, the state of carrying the fetus, is very rarely wanted. Most women I've heard of consider pregnancy a struggle, and they are thrilled when it's over.

It's the BABY that's really wanted. But, see, they can't say "her own wanted fetus/baby". So they use typical pro-abortion language, conflating pregnancy with the baby, to make everything seemingly acceptable.

And they're astounded that people look down on them for killing. They don't want to admit the real truth behind the stigmatization. It must be something else.

The truth is right in front of them. But they won't acknowledge it.

And as for abortioneers being nice, I'm certain they are. They're in a service/"helping" industry. You have to be nice. It's their job to be nice.

You can be nice and still kill prenatal human beings.