Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woman Kills Violent Nazi-Loving Pedophile Husband..and Walks

Can you think of a worse person to have to defend in a right to life case?

When you believe in the right to life, you have to defend the lives of ALL.

Fetuses, severely disabled individuals, "vegetables", abortionists, serial rapists, murderous dictators, and yes...Nazi-loving wife-beating pedophiles.

The pro-lifer is often on the side of the despised and unrespected. That's what makes our jobs so hard. But people will want to kill those who are unpopular.

But the right to life is an important concept. We've made it so abstract to the point of meaningless. Hey-- it was okay to shoot that Nazi-loving pedophile, he had it coming!

The problem is that it opens up a can worms. What other despised individuals will be allowed to be killed?

I'm saying there shouldn't be ANY leniency in this case-- clearly the woman was working from desperation. But no jail time? What message does that send to the world? If the victim is morally repugnant enough, you can kill him with impunity.

I don my flamesuit

H/T: The Intellectual Conservative