Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clinic Advertizes that it ONLY does late 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions

Grace Medical Care in Philadelphia:

Grace Medical Care is a private medical practice that performs late second and third trimester therapeutic termination of pregnancy procedures when fetal anomalies and/or genetic defects are found or to protect the health of the woman. Therapeutic abortion procedures end pregnancies that were originally wanted, but cannot be continued due to problems with the fetus or to protect the health of the woman.

Grace Medical Care is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate care to women, their partners, and their families who are confronted with this difficult decision.

But care for the fetuses? Who cares! They can die!

What kind of society thinks that killing babies for their genetic anomalies is compassionate? If the anomaly is THAT lethal, let the baby live and let him die IN PEACE after birth.

THAT is compassion.

And the reason I found this site: I was looking for something else when I saw a google ad: Abortions done up to 36 weeks.

Can you believe that! They advertize UP TO BIRTH!