Sunday, January 31, 2010

Graphic anti-abortion ad to air on Kelowna TV station — controversy expected

The Province

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada said such ads are disturbing, offensive and frightening as they could incite violence against both women seeking abortions and the medical staff that provide them.

“When you portray abortion like this, as murder and killing, it portrays abortion staff as murderers and it can incite violence on some level,” Arthur said.

“I’m very surprised any mainstream outlet would approve such an ad . . . There’s no sense. It’s puzzling and it’s sad. It’s going to cause a lot of anger and anguish for women.”

They keep coming back to the same theme: the feminists do not want women in the street to know what abortion is.

Greg Smith, executive director of B.C.’s Options for Sexual Health, Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services, including pregnancy counselling and education, said such graphic ads distorted the issue and seldom changed opinions.

Are you KIDDING? I guess the campaign Partial Birth Abortion did NOTHING for pro-life opinion in the US.

What planet is this guy on?

“The debate about abortion is really old and in terms of factual information there’s not a lot to be added. Anti-abortion folks tend to have to distort information if they intend to break any new ground.”

By all means, please talk to us about what an abortion is, and whether it kills a human being, and what aborted fetuses look like. I anxiously await their contribution.

Smith also questioned the legitimacy of the images.

“It’s going to be important for people to ask for hard proof.”

If they're from the Center for Bio-ethical Reform, just remember they will sue you for suggesting they're not real. Just saying!

Smith added that outlawing abortion appeared to do little to stem demand: countries where abortions are legal have similar rates as those where it is prohibited.

Based on misleading statistical extrapolations, not actual counts. Remember, this is the side that kept claiming that 50 000 American women died a year from illgeal abortion. They're not careful about their numbers.

Guttmacher has said it: when a country legalizes abortion, the rate goes up in the beginning.

So decriminalization leads to more killing than if there had never been legalized at all.