Friday, February 26, 2010

Fr. Amorth, World's Best Known Exorcist , Says Vatican Clergy Among Satanists

I am beyond shocked. Fr. Amorth, the world's most famous exorcist, makes extremely disturbing allegations.

He says that there are practicing Satanists in the Vatican, including priests, bishops and cardinals.

He says that there are numerous bishops who no longer believe in Satan (although that's not a huge surprise for many of us).

If these allegations are true, they are extremely disturbing, and action should be taken immediately to depose these clerics.

If they are not true, Fr. Amorth is making outrageous accusations. I tend to trust Fr. Amorth. But this is all so shocking.

Here is the text of the article I read this morning on the French blog Bénoît et Moi. It is a translation of another article on an Italian blog, The excerpts are from Father Amorth's memoirs, in which he is interviewed by Marco Tossatti, a Vatican observer.

The French-to-English translation is a Google Translate that I will correct as I see the need.

Father Amorth, exorcist, the most famous in the world, publishes his memoirs.

An amazing article by Paolo Rodari (26/2/2010)

Obviously, the usual rationalistic Voltaireans will tap their thighs with laughter.

Personally, I believe in the existence of the devil in some form, it is obvious.

This does not makes me laugh.

I do not know if its manifestations may be those that are discussed here.

But I respect the beliefs of Don Amorth, who is these days to publish his memoirs, interviewed by the vaticanist Marco Tossatti:

"Father Amorth. Memoirs of an exorcist. My life in the fight against Satan" (Ed Piemme)

Here is a review of Paolo Rodari on his blog:

When an exorcist discovers he has much to do at Vatican
February 25, 2010 ...
- There are Satanists in the Vatican?

"Yes, even in the Vatican there are members of satanic cults."

- Who is involved? Is it simple priests or laity?

"There are priests, bishops and even cardinals."

- Forgive me, Father Gabriel, but how do you know?

"I know people who have been observing it, because they had the opportunity to observe it directly. And this is something that has been 'confessed' several times by the devil Even under obedience in the exorcisms.

- The Pope is informed of this?

"Of course, he was informed" But he does what he can. It is something terrifying. Keep in mind also that Benedict XVI is a German pope, he comes from a nation resolutely closed to these things. In Germany, in fact, there are almost no exorcists, and yet the Pope believes [in them]: I had the opportunity to speak with him three times before, when He was prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He believes, and how! And he spoke explicitly in public several times [about this]. He welcomed our association of exorcists (in October 2005, BEM); [at the time] he also delivered a fine speech, encouraging us and praising our apostolate. And let us not forget that the devil and exorcism, John Paul II also spoke a lot about it. "

- While it's true what Paul VI said that the smoke of Satan entered the Church?

"It's true, unfortunately, because in the Church as there are followers of satanic cults. The details of the" smoke of Satan ", Paul VI spoke June 29, 1972. Then, as this sentence created a huge scandal, November 15, 1972, he devoted an entire speech to the devil, on Wednesday, with some very strong words. Of course, it broke the ice, lifting a veil of silence and censorship that has lasted too long but it had no practical consequences. It took someone like me-- who was a nobody-- to spread the alarm in order to get results.

Father Gabriele Amorth is now one of the most renown international exorcists. He exercises his ministry in the city of Rome. In his memoirs, collected by Marco Tosatti in "Father Amorth. Memoirs of an exorcist. My life in the fight against Satan" (Piemme) the complaint that he wants the Church to hear above all is [about]the church and its bishops:

"We have many priests and many bishops who, unfortunately, do not believe in Satan," he said. And again: "There are whole countries that have no exorcists: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal ... Many bishops do not believe in the devil, and even manage to say in public that Hell does not exist, the devil does not exist. And yet, in the Gospel, Jesus speaks extensively about, so we would almost say, either they never read the Gospel or they don' believe it! ".

Many bishops do not believe in hell, then. And indeed, the battle of the Father Amorth is on two fronts: against the old enemy and against the silence or disbelief in the Church:

"The Code of Canon Law states that the exorcist should be chosen from the cream of the clergy," he said. Yet this is not the case. Often, the best priests are assigned by the bishop to other tasks. And the few exorcists have little experience. This should be the opposite.

Everything should happen as it happened to Don Amorth: Cardinal Ugo Poletti had Fr. Amorth work alongside Father Candido Amantini , who was an exorcist for forty years at the Scala Santa.

Father Amorth said: [He taught me everything that I know.]

Father Amorth said further: "There are several episodes that were told to me by Father Candido. One day a priest told him clearly that he believes nothing of all this: the devil, exorcism and so forth. Father Candido said: "come one day to see." Father Candido said that this priest was standing with his hands in his pockets at the Scala Santa, and the exorcism took place in the sacristy, and he was there, looking almost with contempt. At some point, the demon turned to him and said you do not believe in me, but women, you believe, you believe in women, and how. The priest, walking backwards, ashamed, returned to the door and spun off. "

Don Amorth in his office receives hundreds of people every year. Among them, only a few are truly possessed. The majority simply has serious psychological and psychiatric problems. But there are people who are possessed. They appear to Father Amorth to be delivered. They do it voluntarily, even if the "presence" that has taken possession of their bodies does everything it can to make sure that the exorcism has no effect.

- How does possession happen?

Most people become so possessed after participating in black masses and satanic rituals.

Father Amorth said: "The main feature of the Black Mass was the contempt of the Eucharist. In a real Black Mass, a naked woman [who is a virgin] serves as an altar, and she is raped by one who holds the role of the priest and then by all others, then between them, everything is permitted. It becomes a real [free for all]. This is why many go to the black mass for the [after-mass].

Father Amorth has a method - which works sometimes and sometimes not - to recognize if someone is truly possessed: the holy water. He [told the story] a woman who asked to be exorcised. Don Amorth did not know if she was really possessed. Thus, he prepared on the table two glasses, one with running water and the other with holy water:

"I offered to drink tap water, she thanked me, and drank. A few minutes later I gave her another glass of holy water. She drank, but this time her appearance changed abruptly; from that of a scared child to an angry person. Pronouncing both in whispers and very loudly, as if a man spoke to her, she said "I think you're evil, priest!". Then began the prayer of exorcism and only an hour later, and once the ritual was completed, the delivery took place in the church. "