Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping abortion a secret is a pro-life tactic?

In reponse to an article about AntiTheist Angie's live-tweeting her abortion, a commenter by the name of dick dworkin wrote:

keeping abortion in the closet

is an important tool in the rights war on choice.

That is news to me.

You mean all those women who talked about their horrible experiences with abortion through Silent No More, all those images of the bloody fetuses, The Silent's all to keep it in the closet?

I absolutely want to demystify abortion and show it for what it is.

Because for some many women, it really and truly sucks.

And it kills an unborn child.

I absolutely want to demystify that. How come abortionists never do? How come no abortionist has decided he's had enough about the so-called lies of abortion and decided to record one on 3D ultrasound to quash, once and for all, refute all pro-life rhetoric about abortion being a violent killing of a human being.

The pro-aborts keep saying pictures of aborted fetuses are fake. All it would take to settle the issue once and for all is to take a camera into an abortion clinic and film everything live.

But nobody will do that. They know the truth. They know what we're saying is true. Even abortionists will tell you that the bloody fetus pictures are true.