Friday, February 05, 2010

Second Focus on the Family Ad on Tebow, Abortion to Air Before Super Bowl

In this second ad, Pam Tebow reportedly says "Both of our lives were at risk" when talking about her difficult pregnancy with Tim after suffering from dysentery and entering into a coma.

"They felt that was too much," Daly told USA Today. "So we dropped the line. We didn't fight them." The word "abortion" is never used.

Daly says this new ad is "an open discussion on the sanctity of human life -- not just the issue of abortion -- and he indicated it was made for less than $100,000 with "a bit of humor in it -- in fitting with the Super Bowl theme."

This second ad will reportedly air four times during the pre-game festivities and analysis before the Super Bowl begins.

Daly also told the newspaper that he appreciates those who credit Focus on the Family with supposedly creating a brilliant ploy to draw attention to the ad -- which some media experts say has received $10 million worth of pre-advertising buzz in terms of the media coverage it has received.

"I've seen this called brilliant marketing strategy," laughs Daly. "Well, I can assure you this was not something where we sat down to demonstrate brilliance."

I'm laughing, too.

The feminists have generated all this controversy and all this interest. Thanks ladies!

Pro-life is more and more mainstream in the United States. The movement to extend fetal rights is winning.

I suspect it will probably spill over into Canada.