Friday, February 05, 2010

Stupid pro-abortion thugs who don't understand the meaning of their words

David J. A. Foster, a student blogger at the University of Victoria, reports that he has come across a petition calling for the indefinite suspension of the pro-life club Youth Protecting Youth. The petition, which was found in UVic’s students union building, goes farther than previous efforts by the University of Victoria Students’ Society to limit the club’s activities.


The petition asks the UVSS clubs council to consider a motion calling for the suspension of the group for “their repeated offensive actions.” These offensive actions, as described in a letter preceding the petition, include: use of GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) materials on campus and hosting the controversial anti-abortion activist Stephanie Gray on campus, who participated in a debate with a philosophy professor. “This is hate speech that caused harm to many people on campus, including but not limited to many women on campus who have had abortions,” the letter reads. “The images and the captions on the posters harassed women and tried to make us feel guilty about a choice that we have a right to make.”


I hate this about the left.

It takes an emotionally charged phrase.

Then it makes it apply to their cause and situation.

Hate literature depicts a whole group as being evil, unworthy, inferior, disgusting, vile, not worthy of consideration or life.

An anti-abortion display is not hate literature. It says NOTHING about women as a whole.

But leftists count on the power of words, on the misattribution of a loaded buzz phrase to make their point, hoping that people forget its authentic meaning.

Posters don't harrass. Images don't harrass. Images don't make people feel guilty. That is a misattribution of intent. They make a picture mean ONLY ONE thing, and misattribute that intention.

In the grown up world outside ivory towers, that doesn't pass muster. People have all kinds of opinions on abortion. That opinion in and of itself is not "hateful".

And even if the GAP's purpose were to make a woman feel guilty for something she has a legal right to do, the fact it's a legal right doesn't mean there's no moral right to make one feel guilty! It's not harrassment to make people feel guilty. Leftists try to do it all the time. We have the right to hunt seal in this country, but leftists try to make people feel guilty about it.

Oh, and by the way...

According to everyone I’ve spoken to about the topic, GAP materials–which typically feature graphic images of abortions next to those of horrific events like the Rwandan Genocide–have never been used on UVic campus. Ever. Not by Stephanie Gray or anyone.

I hope the BCCLA goes to court. It's about time these Student Unions get their comeuppance. The Canadian Federation of Students is not a body that truly represents students. It extorts money from students and uses it to advance their ideological agenda.