Saturday, March 13, 2010

I laughed out loud at this email re: Stephen Harper's Youtube Interview

As you may know, the Prime Minister is expected to be interviewed on Youtube with questions that were submitted and voted on by the public.

Of course, the question process has been hijacked by a bunch of pothead activists.

And when I say "hijacked" I don't mean that they submitted a question that on an issue that many people don't care about. I mean that they've submitted dozens, if not hundreds, of questions on that issue, ruining through spamination an exercise that could have been a good step towards democracy. I don't object to the fact that 1500 people have voted in favour of asking a question regarding marijuana. I object to the top 3 questions all having to do with marijuana.

However, given all the pothead questions, and other questions about what might be termed fringe political concerns, I thought this email from the Conservative Party of Canada was hilarious:

"Conservative Party of Canada / Parti conservateur du Canada

There is still time to submit questions to the Prime Minister and to vote on which ones he gets asked.

Our Prime Minister was the first in history to engage with Canadians by speaking to them live through YouTube, and now he'll be the first to sit down and actually answer questions from everyday Canadians.

Please go to to submit a question and to vote. You can also do video submissions.

Then, next Tuesday on < a target="_blank" href="">YouTube (, at 7pm EST, the Prime Minister will sit down and answer the most popular questions submitted by all CANADIANS.

Get involved and be a part of Canadian history!

Special Note: The live broadcast is open to all Canadians. No special access is required. Any Canadian can submit a question and vote on others.

Gee, you're not liking the questions, are you?

I really hope that the Conservative powers-that-be don't put the kabosh on this exercise because of the spaminators. I think this is worthwhile, it just needs some fine-tuning. This fishing for votes, though, should be verboten. It smells of conflict of interest. Looking for softballs, are you Stephen? Conservative activists should have been more active in initiating the fight back. Seriously, the fact that the party had to do this looks pathetic.

And if you do submit a question, please don't submit a question that sounds like something that came out of question period. E.G. "Your government is the most incomptent in history and has never cared about the true interests of Canadians, what are you prepared to do to fight poverty in this country."

That's just a repeat of QP.

Please ask for specific details and not engage in ideological and partisan posturing.