Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Poll Suggests We're Half Way to a Pro-Life Canada

I thought the latest poll sponsored by the Manning Centre could have been an outlier.

Still, even if it's even remotely true that three quarters of Canadians consider abortion to be morally wrong, it suggests that pro-lifers are not that marginal a group as it has been suggested in the past.

And that Canadians are not closed to pro-life arguments.

If three quarters really are opposed to abortion, then from the point of view of political persuasion, we should be advancing the idea of legally recognized personhood for the unborn.

We only have to convince a little over than 2/3 of them to get a true pro-life majority. If Canadians already consider abortion to be wrong, we should probe why they think so. Stop fighting feminists (who would be the extreme) and start answering what average people think.