Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ignatieff vows to press on in his crusade to promote legalized fetus killing in the Third World

In spite of his last two disastrous forays on the subject.

Bad luck comes in threes, right?

You'd think after his last sortie on the issue on February 2nd, he would have kept his mouth shut.

You'd think after this latest Parliamentary gaff, he would be anxious to move on to something else.

But no, he's ready to get back on that horse again, certain that Canadians are just mad as hell at Harper's Conservatives for refusing to fund abortion in the Third World.

Folks, here's the truth: Harper's MP's can support fetal rights all they want.So long as Harper does nothing about abortion, and his MP's only touch abortion around the edges, the vast majority of Canadians will not switch their votes based on this issue.

They're just not that scary.

It makes strictly no difference how MP's would vote on a motion. It's not even a blip on most people's radar.

Perhaps Ignatieff thinks he can win a few votes from Quebeckers on the matter, because they are far more supportive of abortion. This topic of abortion-as-women's-empowerment is one that elites care about. Not the general population. The proof is that Canadians have elected a government that has numerous pro-life MP's. Their pro-life stances are openly reported in the press. It's not like it's a big secret.

See, these progressive elites assume that average working people think like them, or should.

They're not getting it.

Ignatieff is going to do the abortion thing, and Harper will play him like a fiddle, and the Liberal Leader will fall on his butt yet again, and his popularity ratings with dive with the voting public.

I'm not going to stop him. He clearly lacks political smarts on this matter. Chretien-era strategies aren't going to help, given that Canada is different that what is was five years ago. I really believe that.