Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Stigma of Abortion


One of the main problems with efforts to de-stigmatize abortion is that proponents of de-stigmatization don't really understand (or can't accept) the reason why abortion is so stigmatized.

Abortion isn't stigmatized because people think only "bad women" get abortions or that most women aren't open about their abortion experiences.

Abortion is stigmatized because it's a procedure which intentionally kills an innocent human being. No number of women sharing their abortion experiences is going to change that reality. People who really recognize the reality of abortion aren't suddenly going to change their opinion on abortion simply because more women talk about abortion. Abortion is an atrocity regardless of how many women get them and are willing to talk about them.

So long as feminists keep lying to themselves and thinking that opposition to abortion is about punishing sluts for enjoying guiltless sex outside of marraige, they'll never get it. Oh sure, saying that will edify the already converted, but it won't speak to the masses. It doesn't speak to the masses, because it does not take into account the real motives of the masses. Feminists refuse to take the public at face value on their reasons for opposing abortion, because it would force them to consider the fetus, and they can't do that because that means their movement is dead in the water.