Friday, March 05, 2010

The Demographic Problem Does Not Require Government Intervention

This is why it's critical to talk about babies now. It's too late for a rise in fertility rates to do anything to offset the pressures of population aging that will afflict us over the next decade or two. But if nothing changes now, those pressures will only get worse.

So why don't politicians talk about it? They will, actually. But only in private -- a strange phenomenon I'll discuss another day.

Why must we wait until the government deals with the situation.

We don't need to.

We simply need to sound the alarm to the youth:

You need to have more kids.

I know that the feminists will freak out at this suggestion, accusing social conservatives of treating women like baby machines (so what else is new?).

The bright side is that we can be confident that feminists will not have enough children to self-perpetuate, at least on a biological level.

The question is: will social conservatives (and others) take up the cause?

Shouldn't we impress upon the youth-- aged 15-30-- the importance of having at least three children?