Friday, March 05, 2010

UN blames "inactive women" for gender imblance in the workforce

The International Labor Organization:

The report shows that there are three basic areas of lingering gender imbalances in the world of work. First, nearly half (48.4 per cent) of the female population above the age of 15 remain economically inactive, compared to 22.3 per cent for men.

Inactive women? You mean like...stay-at-home moms?

Our "inactivity" represents an imbalance, i.e. a problem?

“We still find many more women than men taking up low-pay and precarious work, either because this is the only type of job made available to them or because they need to find something that allows them to balance work and family responsibilities.

And what if women choose to do these low-wage, part-time jobs (as I have done in the past.)

Someone has to do these crappy jobs. I chose to. Does that mean I'm not equal?