Monday, April 19, 2010

ARCC calls for the criminalization of coerced birth and pro-life activism

Got it from Ottawa Rebelles Blog

I cannot believe the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada is THAT STUPID.

Hey kids-- if your mom couldn't have an abortion, Joyce Arthur thinks it's a tragedy that you're not dead.

I wish I had the ability to draw satirical cartoons. It should have Joyce Arthur and the mom telling the baby she should have never been born.

“It’s not just partners or family members who try to compel women and girls to have babies against their will,” said Arthur. “The entire anti-choice movement has been trying to force women into pregnancy and motherhood for decades, by working to outlaw or restrict abortion. Perhaps we need to protect women from this coercion by criminalizing anti-choice activism!”

You can't get what you want, so you have to take away rights-- real rights. Not the fake ones you make up.

I think it just reeks of desperation.

But it won't happen. And even if it does, pro-lifers will not back down. You will have a movement of martyrs on your hands.