Monday, April 19, 2010

Univ. of Victoria Student Union redefines "harassment"

Gotta love the self-serving definition:

The new definition includes discrimination on the basis of "sexuality, gender, gender identity, pregnancy or medical operation." Also defined as harassment would be "communicating with another person or group of persons by verbal, electronic, telephonic, written or visual means in a manner that harasses, which includes disseminating print materials, including but not limited to posters, notices, leaflets, signs or symbols, that compare abortion to genocide, war, child abuse or murder."

And gotta love this part:
Warner also took exception to the "communication" provision of the harassment definition. "So YPY is having their club meeting in a room on campus and they leave the door open," he suggested, "and they believe that abortion is murder, and they're talking about that because that's their belief, and someone walks by and hears that conversation and complains...I think that would be just a ridiculous charge to make."

"I do think that's a bit of a breach," Harrison responded. "We're hoping that this is used in a way that isn't abusing it."

OF COURSE they're going to "abuse" it. Anything to shut pro-lifers up.

Feminists cannot deal with the issue. They can only silence.