Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Abortion makes a virtue out of facilitating stupidity

I've often noticed that abortion supporters don't judge people's stupid moves, and then try to facilitate it, even if anyone with an ounce of sense can see it's wrong.

A woman sticks a coathanger up her crotch, nobody points out how stupid that is.

Well it's sheer desperation! Shouldn't desperate women be helped.

Oh certainly they should be helped. They should be helped with measures that are sane and rational.

Stupid acts safer should not be the basis of public social policy.

It's like what if desperate people broke store windows to get what they needed.

Does that mean we should legalize theft?

Of course not.

Breaking store windows and stealing is stupid.

If people are in need, there should be a rational and concerted effort to assist them.

Not an attempt to make a virtue of their facilitating their stupidity.

But this is what Revolutionary Vagina does in discussing the case of the thirteen-year-old girl who self-aborted.

She argues against parental consent laws. Of course, a parent has the RIGHT to know what's going on, medically, with their kids. But let's make a virtue out of facilitating stupidity. The girl was too scared and immature to tell her mom or dad, or another official, so let's make sure that that's the policy every where.

Stupidity will always cause people to kill themselves and commit other unfortunate acts. We should not take people's stupidity and just decide to make it safer. That's bad public policy. If a girl decides she doesn't want to tell her parents about her relationship with a thirty-year-old guy, we shouldn't try to make her stupidity safer.

I know this sounds mean, but it's reality folks. We can't base social policy on emotion alone.