Monday, June 07, 2010

Reproductive Justice-- Turning Kids into Goods

MercatorNet published an interview with Elizabeth Marquardt, who conducted a study of adult children of sperm donors. In answer to a question of about every one of these children being "wanted children", as per the feminist slogan:

This is one of themes that comes through -- people’s sense that they are a product made to suit their mother’s wishes rather than a natural happening. In the normal course of events parents have some control about whether you are born, especially today, but reproductive technology has brought that to a new level of control.

The questions these donor conceived young adults grapple with speak to what it means when children are not seen as gifts from beyond to the world but exist because they were birthed through the will of their mothers. The human will of one person, your mother, is the reason why you exist. She could have easily aborted you, chosen not to have you, but she did, so, you made it, barely; you slipped though. Rather than the idea that we are all here because of some surging life force more powerful than anyone can understand and that some people call God.

And I know some people will glibly look at the issue and say "who cares"-- if I weren't born, I wouldn't know any different.

As if their own personal existence had so little meaning. The nihilism of it all.