Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Catholic Archbishop priest with REAL guts

Archbishop Monsignor Pope of Washington D.C. is unafraid to address the thorny issues.

Abortion? Gay Marriage? Euthanasia?


A husband's headship in marriage.

One of the biggest problems today in marriage is power struggle. In our modern age we have rejected the biblical teaching of headship in marriage. God establishes a husband in authority in the home. Every organism and organization requires headship. A creature with two heads is a freak. A creature with no head is dead. Having rejected the necessity of headship and the biblical teaching assigning that to the husband (eg Eph 5:19 ff) the result is power struggle between the spouses. Now a husband’s authority is not a worldly, autocratic authority but a Christian, servant based authority (Cf Mark 10:41-45). I have written more on this matter here: An Unpopular Teaching on Marriage. It does not follow that the husband always “gets his way.” Rather, if he is smart, he listens carefully to his wife and her wisdom. Practically speaking women have great authority in the home and its daily running and a smart husband will not seek to micromanage and usurp his wife’s role and her practical authority there and with the children. But in the end, two have to become one. Oneness requires headship, common faith, shared fear of the Lord, and a heartfelt appreciation for the gifts of each.

And as my husband often says "they don't talk about that in marriage prep."

UPDATE: Okay, je me suis plantée as they say in French. Monsignor Pope is not an archbishop but a simple priest (with an honorific title).

It was too good to be true.

Still, it was on the Archdiocese's website.

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