Saturday, August 21, 2010

Freedom without God paves the road to slavery

Saith teh Binks:

The new God-lite freedomism pretends to offer liberty– but at the price of making the human will or the will of society absolute. A country or people under God; a justice system accountable to and reflecting the infinite goodness and will of God; a political system that reflects the divine ordering of society, and the last Judgment of souls for their actions? That’s horrible theocraticalism.

What the radicals conceal is that theirs is the irrational blind experiment with who knows what ending and consequences. The hyper-individualist account for freedom and the absolute authority of the individual self– the self as God?

That is the choice before us as liberals use the state against democracy to establish their radically free cult of leviathan– which ends up in our ‘freedom’ becoming perfect slavery.

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