Saturday, August 21, 2010

Martyrdom: it's not just about being killed

From First Things:

Indeed, I know some young, smart Christians—believers who went to the best evangelical colleges and are thoroughly versed in the Great Works of the faith and Western civilization—who fully understand what is at stake and yet they are willing to give it all up because they fear being called bigots by their peers. The fault for this belongs with the Boomers and us Gen-Xers. We have a raised, as C.S. Lewis might say, a generation of men and women without chests. We should have trained them to have the courage of martyrs. Instead, the tremble at the thought that someone might call them a homophobe.

It could also be that these Evangelicals don't have the knowledge and the tools necessary to do it. If you don't have the arguments offhand, why would you risk being called a homophobe?

There's a lack of philosophical tradition among Evangelicals. All they know is the Bible. And that's fine. But if you don't speak to the culture using the common ground of reason, you can't make your case.

And if you can't make your case, why would you risk being called a homophobe? It's easier to say nothing.

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