Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unintentionally funny?

Abortioneer About a Girl rants about the meaning of her work:

And since most of us clinics get their referrals from friends/family, it's probably not a terrible idea to forget why we're here doing abortions. Because it's not about abortion. It's not about how fast the doctor can finish his job so he can sod off home for the day. It's not about the bottom line. It's about giving a ***. It's about LIFE. I will say that again: OUR WORK IS ABOUT LIFE.

Did you ever get the feeling that abortion supporters just want to get away from abortion as a subject in and of itself? It's not about abortion! she exclaims. It's about life!. That's hilarious. Killing prenatal human beings is about life?

This from people who say "trust women"-- and leave these women to suffer the consequences of their dumb decisions? Women who are obviously sleeping around and only think about pregnancy as an afterthought? Where clinic people won't tell women the truth? The truth about their abortions, the truth about their behaviour when it so obviously requires some kind of correction?

Yeah, it's all about life. Not.

I just loved this next section:

OUR WORK IS ABOUT LIFE. It's about EVERYTHING. And if you don't get THAT, you shouldn't be doing this work. And if you're in this work just because of a paycheck, or because you can't be bothered to look for a new job in a bad economy, or because you feel you have to be loyal to your business (even though you're finished and done with it all), then this is my suggestion: move on. Get a new job. Quit wasting your time.


Hey, something we can agree on.