Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We should study pro-life women

As you may know, I occasionally look at medical study abstracts to get the latest news related to fetal rights.

One thing that bugs me is that when you read the literature, you get the distinct impression that medical researchers think that women naturally support abortion or are open to abortion.

It'd be nice to know what makes pro-life women tick.

For instance, what do pro-life women do in the face of an unexpected pregnancy that comes at a bad time?

What are the differences between the attitudes and reactions of pro-life and non-pro-life women in the face of a prenatal diagnosis of a fetal anomaly?

How do pro-life women who carry unexpected pregnancies to term deal with the economic challenges of expanding their families? What are the outcomes?

Do pro-life women abandon their pro-life beliefs in the face of such difficulty, and if so, what are the factors that contribute to this change of heart?

I find that the pro-life movement needs to be a bit more sophisticated in its approach to fighting for the right to life. The pro-life movement does a lot of good work in difficult circumstances, but sometimes I wish that it would take it to the next level. Information about pro-life women could be useful in figuring out how to get women to adopt a pro-life stance.

Because that's ultimately what we want, right?