Thursday, September 09, 2010

Abortion Gang Member: Life begins at birth because I care about women.

My favourite feminists are those who are adamant and unapologetic about abortion.

Like Megan, at Abortion Gang.

My blood boils when I encounter anti-choice propaganda, but I realize that I’m on the feminist fringe when it comes to abortion rights. For me, life begins at birth. Not conception. Not implantation. Not when the fetus’ heart begins to beat or when it develops the semblance of human phalanges. Life begins at birth because I care about women.

Hey, there's a surefire strategy to advance your cause: deny obvious scientific facts! Woohoo! That'll win the day.

Ignore that fetus behind that belly, says the Grand Wizardress of Oz. Nothing to see there! Move along!

I feel like the infamous baby guts of abortion lore necessitate the use of IF, ONLY, and BUT in mainstream discussions about the issue. Because she who does not temper her pro-choice perspective with IFs, ONLYs, and BUTs is a heartless, unmaternal feminist in the most negative sense of the word. How can one be anything but a frigid bitch when she unapologetically supports abortion rights despite those agonizing images of dead fetuses?

Now, what in the world would make ANYONE think that feminists are heartless when it comes to abortion? I mean sure, they don't care about fetuses dying, or even the fact that they feel pain. But does complete indifference about causing suffering and death of an innocent human being really mean one is heartless? Pfff, come on!

I guess my point is that I want mainstreamers to care about women as much as they care about babies.


And goodness knows the ONLY way to care about women is to harden our hearts towards any beings who suffer as a consequence of women's decisions. 'Cuz, you know, you have to prioritize who really matters. In the name of equality.

But I want to know this: How can we convince the public of the importance of women’s lives in the face Machiavellian anti-choice opposition? Because if mainstreamers unequivocally value women’s lives, the IFs, ONLYs, and BUTs will cease to exist.

Yeah, those antichoicers, they don't give a DAMN about women. They don't have mothers, daughters, sisters or wives. And none of them are women themselves. Or if they are, they're all self-hating females. *Roll eyes*.

To unequivocally care about a group of people, you have to make sure the conflicting interests of others don't come into play, especially measly things like the right to life. So it's best not to care about fiddly things like scientific facts. And just go with whatever advance the interests of the group you espouse.

Political expediency: it works. It sure did a bang-up job in obtaining legal abortion on demand. I have to hand it to the abortion rights supporters. They know how to advance their interests at the expense of others.

And if a fetus has to suffer and die in the name of female autonomy, well just too damn bad.

Right Megan?

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