Friday, September 10, 2010

Warren Kinsella uses political influence to settle a personal score

Details at Blazing Catfur.

So if the Canada-Israel Committee doesn't exclude Kathy Shaidle (FiveFeetofFury) and Kate McMillan (Small Dead Animals) from a trip to Israel they are sponsoring, Warren will advise the LPC that this group has "marginalized" itself.

This is the type of thing that makes me HATE the Liberal Party.

The overweening sense of entitlement. The belief that the political process exists to serve their petty agendas.

Warren Kinsella should get a grip.

Those bloggers are not racist. Their objection with Islam and various peoples who practice it is that they blow sh*t up whenever their widdle feewings are hurt. And the various societies in which they operate kowtow to these acts of violence (or threats thereof).

If the terrorists would just stop setting off explosives in crowds or slitting people's throats-- and stoning women-- and calling for a backward system of law called "sharia"-- all would be fine. No, it's true.

But as it is, there are major currents in Islam that advocate for this sort of thing.

And when their defenders feel offended, they think it's okay to harass their opponents with lawsuits and Human Rights Complaints.

These currents of Islam are the biggest threat to Israel's existence. Not Kathy Shaidle writing: "Dear Luftwaffe:come back all is forgiven".

I think the Jews understand what that statement is: biting irony. As opposed to the biting iron lodged in the brains of Israelis who are the victims of suicide attacks.

For goodness sake, they wouldn't be working for Israel's well-being if they were a genuine white supremacists.

And now because Warren thinks he's entitled to push people around with his political connections, he's going to try to cut of the CIC's access to power.

Mind you, I'm not sure that REALLY matters, seeing as the Liberals probably won't win the next election.

It's just the pettiness of it all. It stinks.

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