Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We're in this to win, Pro-Lifers

Paul Tuns commenting on Stephanie Gray's communique:

Gray is correct to say that the killing of the unborn is the greater injustice about which to be outraged, and she has a point in saying that (part of) the reason is that we can see the protesters being arrested but not the unborn being killed. Of course, this fits her tactical agenda of getting pro-lifers behind the use of graphic photos to show the truth about abortion. But I think there is another reason: we think the pro-life side can win the free speech argument, but many are not confident about the ability to win the abortion debate. Many pro-lifers have settled for the right to take part in the debate having given up on the possibility of winning it. I hope I’m wrong, but that is the sense I get from many — not a majority, but certainly a sizable number — rank-and-file pro-lifers.

The fight for fetal rights is totally winnable.

It may not be won soon.

It could take some decades.

But it's totally winnable.

How can you say that SUZANNE?

Because it is so logical.

The nature of reality is such that in the long term lies and evil CANNOT WIN.

And by that, I don't mean God will swoop down and smite Canada and win the battle that way. (Although he could).

Even if God decided to allow the Creation to unfold without his intervention, given that he made it "good", good cannot subsist on evil indefinitely.

You might counter that we'll just self-destruct. The evil can just whittle creation until we're nothing.

Although some individuals are self-destructive, collectively speaking, human beings have such a craving for life and survival, that they could never self-destruct completely.

And the truth can never be entirely suppressed. Human beings are designed for truth. They can only BS themselves for so long before they realize the BS doesn't work and doesn't make them any happier.

So we've won already. We've won because Creation favours Truth. And We've won because Jesus will of course triumph in the end.

So the question becomes: how bad do we want to end abortion? How fast do we want it to be gone?

For a huge swath of pro-lifers, their apathy betrays the response.

What you treasure is where your heart is.

I think a lot of people are afraid to put themselves on the line.

But our cause won't be won fast enough if we don't have the courage (and the skills, that's important too!). We need a hundred Carleton Lifelines. We need thousands of average Joe and Jane Canadians working in their own niches spreading the pro-life cause.

If you want the greatest injustice in world history to end, you have to want it bad enough, and act on it.

You would be surprised how much one person can do if they do a little every day. The results of my efforts have been small but critical (and have goaded others to action.) You can do it too. It's with you. We really can win this IF YOU WANT IT.