Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What an abortion of a post!

At Abortion Gang, Personal is political is upset with the negative use of the word "abortion".

We don’t need the word “abortion” to become more used unless it is used to describe a procedure to end a pregnancy. I would rather the term “abortion” remain spoken out loud only in the safe haven that clinics and select OB/GYN offices have become than be bastardized by those ignorant individuals prone to outrageous overstatement and exaggeration. [because feminists are NEVER prone to overstatement and exaggeration. Ha!] And yes, that is what you sound like when you use words like “gay” and “retarded” and “abortion” to describe what you don’t like – ignorant and ridiculous.

People know hundreds, maybe thousands of words to describe how they feel about their day, their week, their friends, family, the television shows they watch, the music they hear and the world they interact with, from the time that we are mere toddlers. So why resort to using inaccurate terms that make you sound like an idiot, and stigmatize an important component of reproductive justice?

Why would be resort to the word abortion?

Maybe...just maybe...because abortion signifies ugliness and failure?

If the forces of political correctness only allow the word "abortion" to be used in its literal sense, they will only create more of a taboo around it, and incite a backlash.

And I like her new expression: That's so abortion. I think I might use it.